Computer Magazine recognizes “Back to the Future Day”


Fake Back to the Future 2 meme of a few years ago

Well this apparently is, finally, “Back to the Future Day“, a holiday futurist movie geeks and tech nerds seem to have come up with on the McFly, ba-dum-CH, lol, in homage to the date in the movie Back to the Future 2 where Marty McFly and crew travel forward to, you got it, today (October 21, 2015). This film came out in 1989, and included all the fantastical predictions of that “age” (I say that tongue and cheek, because it seems like yesterday to me, but yup, it’s 26 years ago now so for some of you youngsters, it might seem like long ago…).

I remember memes circulating for a few years claiming falsely that whatever particular day it was then, WAS the day in the movie (easy photoshop edit by any means), nope, but today (October 21, 2015) actually is.

giphy (2)

The big screen TV and video conferencing from Back to the Future 2, all real life tech today in 2015

So, now you can all judge how well the predictions of 1989 match up to today’s reality.


“Jaws 19” from Back to the Future 2. We don’t have holograms like this yet, but we do have Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens and other products coming in the form of wearable glasses that create a “holo” effect

Some of it lines up pretty good (big screen TV’s, video conferencing, virtual reality glasses, back-to-the-future-ii-walking-fruit-1even hoverboardsanigif_enhanced-6179-1444074172-4 – albeit crude and limited compared to their movie counterpart…), hjpryj9vam4femzbnfvebut hey, still no fusion energy (yes, we still only have that lowly fusion reactor known as the Sun for any fusion energy here on earth) qiRdFng-1445351347holograms that leap out at you (without the aid of special glasses) or flying cars – and it’s been predicted since the 1950’s that we would already have those by now and be into the Jetsons age of transportation technology. giphy (5)

But with these new drone quadcopters of the past few years, and a bit of upscaling that is coming about now days, I’d say the next 10 years looks promising for that potential, especially when you add in advancements in the software and accompanying mapping as well as GPS, camera and other position-sensing devices & services that are enabling the likes of Google’s’ autonomous “self driving car”


See the infancy of what will eventually take us to something akin to the flying cars in that movie, today, the “Hoverbike” and the “Omni Hoverboard” (here we have the spirit of both the hoverboard and flying car and the “Goblin Glider” that the Hobgoblin flies on in Spiderman 3 I’d say….).

This is definitely an exciting area when you see what people are doing nowdays with the expansion of Quadcopter tech, and upscaling it over the next few years and adding in other technologies, well, I wouldn’t be surprised if 2030 we are finally entering the age of us having these “flying cars”. But wow, they are going to have to solve the noise factor, because it’s going to be one noisy neighborhood by any stretch when you and your neighbors have the whirling sounds of copters or else jet engines perhaps, even worse.

Looks like someone has it here where you can watch the whole movie on YouTube

Someone posted a bunch of clips here on YouTube:

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