From Engadget RSS Feed: ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC trailer offers the first look at Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield has had a long and storied career as the fictitious protagonist in many installments of Capcom’s Resident Evil video game series. The Raccoon City policeman starred, along with partner Jill Valentine, in the original 1996 game, and has…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Unlimited ‘Stargate’ streaming will cost you $20

MGM Studios announced a new web-based entry into its popular Stargate franchise, Stargate Origins, this past July at San Diego Comic Con. In order to see the prequel series, though, you’ll have to subscribe to a Stargate-only streaming service, too….

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Hololens is helping Ford designers prototype cars quicker

When Google released Glass Enterprise, it took a consumer-oriented product written off as privacy-invading nonsense and made it incredibly useful for businesses. Microsoft is effectively doing the same with its $3,000, not-yet-for-consumers Ho…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Mobike’s dockless bike-sharing service comes to Washington, DC

Washington DC is one of the most bike-happy cities in America, with around five percent of commuters pedaling around the city each day. That’s one of the reasons why Mobike, a company that has mostly been in China and Europe until now, is launching a…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Autonomous delivery drone network set to take flight in Switzerland

Matternet has long used Switzerland as a testing ground for its delivery drone technology, and now it’s ramping things up a notch. The company has revealed plans to launch the first permanent autonomous drone delivery network in Switzerland, where i…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Sequel to ‘Final Fantasy’ creator’s free-to-play game launches today

Final Fantasy creator Hironubu Sakaguchi has had some good success with his action-RPG-puzzle mobile game, Terra Battle. The free-to-play sequel — Terra Battle 2 — is out on both iOS and Android, but if you want to play it, you’ll need to…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Epic hopes ‘PUBG’-style ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ will tempt gamers

Epic Games’ Fortnite has been out for a while in paid Early Access, but hasn’t quite taken off in the same way that, say, Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has. The hot new indie “battle royale” title has a massive, rabid user base and an impressiv…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Airbnb wants to help you book a restaurant reservation, too

Airbnb just added a new feature that allows users to book restaurant reservations directly through its app and website. It’s powered by Resy and is currently available in 16 US cities.

Airbnb now has a dedicated restaurants tab that lets you search…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: USA Today takes you on a VR tour of Trump’s proposed border wall

After a series of experiments with virtual reality, USA Today launched its full-fledged VR news show last year. “VRtually There” (as it’s known) followed in the footsteps of similar segments from The New York Times and ABC News. Since then, the media…

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From BGR: Crazy video shows what it’s like to be attacked by helicopters

At least two people have been injured as a result of a friendly-fire incident during a Russian military exercise. That’s bad; what’s more shocking is the video footage that emerged of the incident, which paints a very terrifying picture of what it’s like to be attacked by a rocket-wielding helicopter.

Two separate videos were filmed of the incident, in which Russian helicopters fire unguided rockets at civilian people and vehicles. You see both attack helicopters coming in low and fast towards the people. At the last minute, one of the helicopters fires a pair of missiles directly in front of it, hitting the bystander. The second video shows a closer perspective of the attack, as well as the devastating aftermath.

“At least two cars burned down, two people were seriously injured, they are now hospitalized,� a source told news. “The victims were most likely journalists.�

The Russian Defense Ministry denied the report, saying “all social media messages about ‘rounds on a crowd of journalists,’ ‘a large number of seriously wounded’ are either a deliberate provocation or someone’s personal stupidity.�

“[Video footage] recorded an event that occurred at another time, when army aviation helicopter crews practiced ground attacks as part of a tactical exercise.�

The press office also claimed that only one truck was hit, and no people injured as a result.

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