From TechCrunch: Gartner reports first ever global decline in smartphone sales

 Global smartphone sales have not been firing on all cylinders for several years now but Gartner’s latest figures record the first ever decline since the analyst began tracking the market all the way back in 2004. Read More

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From BGR: You might get a Galaxy S9 sooner than we thought

A new report from Korea may have just revealed launch details for the most hotly anticipated handset of the first half of the year. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has been the star of leaks and rumors throughout winter, though the most revealing reports were published earlier this week. Samsung will unveil the handset on Sunday, and this new report says the company will then start taking preorders in various markets just a few days later.

The phone should be scheduled to hit stores on March 16th in most markets, The Investor explains, echoing earlier leaks from Korea. The phone will apparently be available for preorder in Samsung’s home market on February 28th, which is a few days earlier than the previously rumored March 2nd date.

“Samsung recently sent out the preorder and release schedules to mobile carriers,� a source revealed.

But that’s not the good news. Early buyers will apparently get their devices between March 9th and March 15th. A huge leak from a German tech site said earlier this week that the phone will be available for preorder immediately after the press conference, and launch in stores on March 8th.

Speaking of that report from Germany, the blogger who wrote it discovered evidence that Samsung might have a 256GB Galaxy S9+ available at launch, at least in Korea.

The detail comes from the Korea Phone Lost & Found Center, a local authority where you can report misplaced devices. The database supports the 256GB SM-G965 as well, as seen in the screenshot above.

Reports earlier this week said the Galaxy S9 will definitely cost more than its predecessor, with the general consensus being that a $100 increase is in the cards in the US. However, Samsung may offer several of incentives to convince you to purchase the handset, including a sweet trade-in deal that can save buyers up to $350.

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From BGR: Hands-on Galaxy S9 photos leak just days before Samsung’s announcement

We’ve seen the leaks, the press images, and the AR images of the Galaxy S9 that practically confirm the phone’s design. So it’s time to check out real-life images of a functional Galaxy S9 that were posted online with just a few days to go until Samsung unveils the new flagship phone.

The following set of images comes from Vietnam, from someone had access to a Galaxy S9 prototype. That’s hardly surprising considering the large number of people who’ve already tried the phone ahead of its launch, posting revealing details about it on Reddit.

Posted on Facebook by a mobile phone shop in Vietnam, the pictures below show the Midnight Black version of the handset.

The first image shows a device that looks just like a Galaxy S8. But the screen clearly lists the device’s name while it boots up. It’s a Galaxy S9 “secured by Knox,� and “powered by Android.�

If you’re still not convinced this is a Galaxy S9, the rear side of the handset should put all your worries to rest. The camera and fingerprint sensor setup is different. We no longer have an awkward position for the fingerprint sensor, which was located next on the right side of the camera on the Galaxy S8. Instead, the sensor has been moved below the rear camera.

Finally, the fact that we’re looking at a single-lens shooter further proves this is the Galaxy S9 version not the “Plus� model, which is expected to feature a dual-lens rear camera setup.

Sunday can’t come soon enough, because these Galaxy S9 leaks are getting out of control.

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From Cult of Mac: 5 ways Apple will rule Mobile World Congress (without even showing up)

When the entire mobile phone industry heads to Barcelona next week for Mobile World Congress 2018, there will be one notable absence: Apple. Cupertino doesn’t do trade shows. Not even really big ones like MWC. Yet, despite its absence from the massiv…

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From TechWorm: Samsung unveils massive 30.72TB SSD, largest capacity SSD ever

Samsung unveils world’s largest 30.72TB capacity SSD for enterprise storage systems Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, unveiled its largest 30.72 terabyte (TB) solid state drive (SSD) for use in in next-generation enterprise storage systems. The 30.72TB SSD, dubbed the PM1643, is double the capacity of Samsung’s current 15.36TB SSD that it […]

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From BGR: The iPhone X is causing Samsung problems – just not the way we predicted

For the second time in a matter of days, a report from Asia claims that Apple’s iPhone X is seriously hurting Samsung. It’s just not the way we thought back when the iPhone X launched.

Weaker-than-expected sales forced Apple to revise its iPhone X parts orders, these reports say. And Samsung, the only manufacturer of OLED screens good enough for Apple’s iPhone, is now forced to slash its OLED panel production.

In a follow-up story, Nikkei says that Samsung decided to cut OLED screen production in response to Apple’s decision to reduce iPhone X orders.

Samsung apparently plans to make 20 million iPhone X OLED screens at most during the March quarter. That’s a significant drop compared to the initial goal of 45 million to 50 million iPhone panels. This translates into a 60% overall drop in production for the plant, and a 50% drop for Apple-dedicated OLED production.

Samsung has not decided its production target for the June quarter, but the company envisions further cutbacks in the second quarter.

Samsung is looking to offset the iPhone X losses by selling OLED screens to Chinese and other customers. But the company is still expected to see a profit decline for the first half of the year, compared to 2017. Samsung invested $12.6 billion last year in anticipation of large OLED panel orders from Apple.

Analysts also expect Apple’s OLED orders to recover in the second half of the year. That’s when Apple’s 2018 iPhones are supposed to be unveiled and launched. Apple should launch three distinct iPhones this fall, with up to two models packing OLED screens.

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From BGR: You won’t be able to afford Samsung’s record-setting 30TB SSD

You probably don’t need 30.72TB of fast SSD data at home, but plenty of companies around the world will be excited to hear that Samsung is now ready to manufacture the industry’s largest capacity SSD ever, which also happens to be insanely fast.

Announced on Tuesday, the drive targets enterprise systems, and it’s built on Samsung’s 512Gb V-NAND tech. The company says it offers the “industry-first 1TB NAND flash package, 40GB of DRAM, new controller,� and new software, which will allow it to store some 5,700 5GB movies and only fail every two million hours.

The PM1643 is a dull, unassuming name for this SAS SSD, but it’s one to remember. The device doubles the capacity of the previous 15.36TB high-capacity SSD that Samsung introduced nearly two years ago.

“This breakthrough was made possible by combining 32 of the new 1TB NAND flash packages, each comprised of 16 stacked layers of 512Gb V-NAND chips,� Samsung explains. “These super-dense 1TB packages allow for approximately 5,700 5-gigabyte (GB), full HD movie files to be stored within a mere 2.5-inch storage device.�

The PM1643 features new tech innovations, including a “highly efficient controller architecture,� that makes room for more storage space by combining nine controllers, and Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology that interconnects 8GB DDR4 chips to create 10 4GB TSV DRAM packages. Samsung says this is the first time TSC-applied DRAM was used in an SSD.

Software features, meanwhile, include metadata protection, data retention, and recovery from sudden power failures. The drive can deliver one full drive write per day over a period of five years without failure. The mean time between failures is of two million hours, Samsung says.

The drive offers sequential read and write speeds of up to 2,100MB/s and 1,700MB/s, respectively, which is three times faster than a typical 2.5-inch SSD. Random read and write speeds are at 400,000 IOPS and 50,000 IOPS, or four times the performance of a regular SSD drive.

The price for the 30.72TB SSD was not announced, but the 15.36TB cost more than $10,000 two years ago. Samsung plans to launch other capacities using the same technology, including 15.36TB, 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB and 800GB versions.

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From Digital Trends: Your life on one drive? Samsung debuts 30TB solid state hard drive

Today on DT Daily: Google Pay simplifies tap-to-pay with your Android phone, Samsung crams 30TB into one hard drive, Spotify is looking help designing physical products.
The post Your life on one drive? Samsung debuts 30TB solid state hard drive appear…

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From ExtremeTechExtremeTech: Samsung Launches Unreal 30TB SSD Capable of Holding Anything You Own

Samsung has announced a new 30TB SSD designed for businesses and individuals who need an absolutely enormous amount of storage and can afford to pay for it.
The post Samsung Launches Unreal 30TB SSD Capable of Holding Anything You Own appeared first o…

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