From BGR: The Galaxy S9’s best new feature might be Samsung’s software

A report earlier this week said the Galaxy S9 may not come with a 3D facial recognition system similar to Apple’s iPhone X, although Samsung is already looking to equip 2018 devices with 3D sensors. The same report claimed that the Galaxy S9 will not have too many features to differentiate it from the previous generation, although the phone is expected to pack better hardware and deliver a better camera experience.

A Samsung exec even went on record to say that the Galaxy S9’s best feature might be Samsung’s software innovations. “Although the Galaxy S9 may not have the innovative features expected by the market, we are focusing on enhancing the completeness of the Galaxy S8 hardware and an innovative user experience (UX),� that person said.

A new leak tells us more about that “innovative user experience.�

I have absolutely no idea what “the completeness of the Galaxy S8 hardware� means, given that the Galaxy Note 8, which sports exactly the same hardware, does better in performance tests than the Galaxy S8.

The real innovation might be on the software side, at least the part that’s controlled by Samsung. Gone are the days when Samsung software on Android devices meant a bunch of bloatware that users hated. Samsung still doesn’t control the underlying software of its smartphones, and it’s dependent on Google’s innovations. But the company polished the user interface that sits on top of Android and plans to introduce new features next year.

Prominent Chinese leaker Ice Universe posted on Twitterthe following image:

It’s apparently a presentation of Samsung’s Galaxy AI UX, with the Bixby logo also clearly present.

We have no idea what Galaxy AI UX is, but it certainly has something to do with artificial intelligence and machine learning. After all, everybody else is doing it, including Google and Apple on their devices. We can safely assume that Galaxy AI UX will bring over various AI features and automation to future Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S9. Samsung’s flagship phones may become smarter, and more aware of what’s happening around them, offering a customized user experience that may take into account various factors, including device usage, location, and time of day.

I’d also expect all these smart Galaxy S9 features to be served under the Bixby assistant, which is Samsung’s own response to Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

Samsung is yet to unveil its Galaxy AI UX to the world, although the image below does suggest the company did present it to at least a few people recently. The leaker doesn’t say where the picture was taken and doesn’t offer other images.

In closing, we’ll also address the tweet above, posted on Monday. Apparently, Ice Universe also believes that Samsung is interested in 3D face recognition components, even though I have no idea what he meant to say.

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From BGR: Samsung accidentally confirmed it’s making a Galaxy X

Samsung’s dream is to beat Apple’s iPhone, and that’s why the Galaxy S8’s development codename was “dream.� However, no Galaxy S or Galaxy Note device captured the mind of buyers like the iPhone rival, no matter how hard Samsung tried.

But the Korean giant may have an ace up its sleeve, a smartphone unlike anything else available out there, iPhone included. It’s called Galaxy X, but not for the reasons you expect.

If you think Galaxy X is Samsung’s way of copying the iPhone X name scheme that’s not actually accurate. We’ve seen the Galaxy X moniker thrown around back when the iPhone X was still referred to as iPhone 8 in rumors.

Because, you see, the Galaxy X is Samsung’s first bendable smartphone, a device that’s so complicated it might see a limited launch before Samsung is able to manufacture it en-masse.

Samsung kept demoing foldable mobile devices for years at tech trade shows, but it never was ready to launch one — the Galaxy Round doesn’t count as one, don’t even try!

But the Galaxy X may be the first one to ship to consumers at some point in the near future, and Samsung has seemingly confirmed its existence. A support page went up on Samsung’s website for an SM-G888N0 handset, as spotted by Dutch-language site MobielKopen.

Samsung’s support document doesn’t offer any insight into what the SM-G888 family of devices is supposed to be, but that model number has been associated with the Galaxy X many times in the past. According to MobielKopen, the SM-G888 already received various certifications from regulators, including the Bluetooth SIG, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency.

What’s interesting about the Galaxy X is that we haven’t seen any leaks aside from reports detailing the phone and these certifications. All Samsung smartphones get leaked well ahead of their time, as there’s no such thing as keeping a Samsung gadget secret.

From the looks of it, however, the phone may be nearing its launch, even if it’ll be a limited one. After all, Samsung isn’t the only company working on foldable smartphones, and it probably wants to claim the title of being the first to make one.

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