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From: GeekWire - Science, technology and art merge at Seattle Art Museum’s ‘Poetic Hybrids’ exhibit

The iPad displays a 3D 'sculpture' when the Poetic Hybrids sign is placed beneath the camera.
Artist Ginny Ruffner’s Poetic Hybrids exhibit makes concepts of genetic modification, augmented reality and sophisticated 3D modeling accessible enough for a child to enjoy it. And many children did, during the opening of the exhibition at Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Thursday. Visitors selected two loosely scientific words  (like “patterned” or “giggling”), imagined what a “hybrid” of would look like, and created drawings based on the intersection of those concepts. Then they took their creations to a suite of artists behind computer monitors, who turned them into 3D models. From there, the designs were beamed to tablets where kids could view them… Read More