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From: GeekWire - Northern lights, cameras, action: Night sky watchers capture dramatic aurora over Seattle

Northern lights
The beautiful sunshine in Seattle on Saturday gave way to an equally awesome display in the night sky as the northern lights made a rare appearance over the city and parts of Washington state. Photographer Tim Durkan, who captured a similar display last May, was at it again in the wee hours of Sunday morning. “Just home from an amazing ‘Saturday Night Special’ Aurora Borealis over the Emerald City – WOW…!” Durkan wrote on Facebook. “I got to the party a little late last night (around 2am) but heard it was bright all over the state!! Did you catch a… Read More

From: GeekWire - When Facebook is a total blast: Rare Mount St. Helens eruption photo gets new life on social media

Mount St. Helens eruption
Maybe we blew it by not not spotting this photo a week ago, on the actual anniversary of the eruption of Washington’s Mount St. Helens, but social media has taught us that some things are just too good not to share, no matter the time peg. It is a holiday weekend after all, and plenty of folks are sure to head out into nature to mark the unofficial beginning of the summer season. And certainly some will visit the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument — the 110,000-acre destination south of Seattle where the mountain blew its top on May… Read More