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From: Digital Trends - Forget $200, in ‘Monopoly Gamer’ players pass ‘Go’ to trigger a boss fight

In a mashup between Nintendo and Hasbro that nobody asked for but everyone will love, Monopoly Gamer is much more than a re-skinned version of the classic board game. It has new rules, unique player abilities, and boss fights.

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From: BGR - Nintendo might already be planning to cancel the SNES Classic Edition at the end of 2017

As exciting as the reveal of the SNES Classic Edition was earlier this week, it was tempered somewhat by the memory of the NES Classic Edition’s availability woes. The minute that first retro console caught on, it was impossible to find. Then, at the height of its popularity, Nintendo scrapped it.

Fans are understandably a bit more cautious this time around, but Nintendo is already promising that it will produce “significantly more” SNES Classic Editions than it did NES Classic Editions last year.

But there is an important caveat to keep in mind if you were thinking of waiting out the holiday rush.

Shortly after the announcement on Monday, Kotaku got in touch with Nintendo to ask about availability. The response was encouraging, but see if you can spot the line that worries us the most:

We aren’t providing specific numbers, but we will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition is currently planned to ship from Sept. 29 until the end of calendar year 2017. At this time, we have nothing to announce regarding any possible shipments beyond this year.

Our long-term efforts are focused on delivering great games for the Nintendo Switch system and continuing to build momentum for that platform, as well as serving the more than 63 million owners of Nintendo 3DS family systems. We are offering Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition in special recognition of the fans who show tremendous interest our classic content.

Yes, there will be more SNES Classic Editions on store shelves than there ever were NES Classic Editions, but Nintendo isn’t currently planning to produce or ship the retro console beyond 2017. In other words, the supply will still be limited, perhaps just not as severely limited as it was with the NES Classic last year.

If you want to ensure that you get your own SNES Classic Edition at the suggested retail price of $79.99, you should preorder one the instant they become available. Scalpers are going to be out in force for the launch of the SNES Classic on September 29th, so rather than risk missing out, just secure your spot in line as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might have to resort to other methods.

And if you’d rather avoid the chaos altogether, you can just pick up a Hyperkin console instead.

From: BGR - The only way to get a SNES Classic Edition at launch

It won’t be available for three more months, but the SNES Classic Edition is already one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. In light of the NES Classic’s massive success, Nintendo has guaranteed consumers that it will be easier to find the SNES Classic than it was to find the mini NES last year. But if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

The good news is that Nintendo has committed to producing and shipping the SNES Classic throughout 2017, but if the new retro console is even close to as popular as the NES Classic, you can expect to see it on Amazon and eBay at a huge markup within hours of the console going on sale.

The only way to avoid paying over the odds for the SNES Classic is to secure a preorder as early as humanly possible. Interestingly, a few waves of preorders have already come and gone on Amazon UK, but we haven’t seen anything in the US yet. We’ll be sure to let you know the minute any preorders pop up, but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and bookmark the following SNES Classic Edition products pages at Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. That way you’ll be ready as soon as they go live.

Nintendo hasn’t said anything about SNES Classic preorders, so until it does (providing it even plans to do so), you’re going to have to depend on tech blogs and Twitter to keep you updated.

If you simply can’t wait that long and happen to have a collection of classic NES and SNES games lying around, you can always opt for the Hyperkin RetroN 2 instead, which plays all of your old games.