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From: Blog – Hackaday - Heavy Metal Detectors

Helsinki has a strong underground Heavy Metal scene, so what better way to show it off than to have listeners literally unearth the local sounds themselves with converted metal detectors that play, naturally, Metal? [Steve Maher] built these modified detectors and handed them to a bunch of participants who went on exploratory walks around the city. The tracks from local bands changed as the user moved from one concealed metallic object to the other to create the experience of discovering the hidden soundscape of the land. 

Because there was no writeup on the hardware, we contacted [Steve] ourselves, and here …read more

From: TechWorm - Audials Radio App – Music and More for iOS Devices

Want the best of music on your Apple iPhone or iPad? Try out Audials Radio App There are several different available apps on which to stream media. You have Netflix for videos. You have Spotify for music. Even baseball, football, and hockey have their own streaming apps, allowing their fans to experience their content with only […]

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