From MCU News: Legion & Jessica Jones get trailers, Black Panther Push-Ups & More

Marvel just had a big weekend at the movies, but the studio’s TV department is no slouch either. Not everything Marvel Television has produced has been great, but they’ve certainly had more hits […]
The post MCU News: Legion & Je…

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From Slashdot: New Data Shows Netflix’s Number of Movies Has Gone Down By Thousands of Titles Since 2010

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Business Insider: If you thought Netflix’s movie selection had been lacking lately, you’re right. The streaming service’s amount of movies has dipped by over 2,000 titles since 2010, while its number of TV shows…

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From BGR: ‘Black Panther’ tops ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ with record-breaking $242 million 4-day opening

Black Panther, the latest movie from the Marvel universe is a bona fide smash hit. In fact, the four-day opening of Black Panther netted $242 million in ticket sales, according to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter. Consequently, Black Panther is now the second-highest grossing film of all time when looking at 4-day openings.

With Black Panther hitting the $242 million mark, it just barely edged out Star Wars: The Last Jedi which netted $241 in ticket sales in its first four days in theaters. Not surprisingly, the best 4-day opening of all time is a Star Wars vehicle, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens having generated a whopping $288 billion in ticket sales during its first four days in the theater a few years ago.

While the figures above aren’t adjusted for inflation, the larger takeaway is that Black Panther is a raging success. And coupled with extremely positive reviews from both viewers and critics alike, it stands to reason that the film’s popularity will not wane in the coming days. If anything, as word of mouth continues to spread — not to mention repeat viewers — ticket sales may not see a huge drop off for quite some time.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that the film was enjoyed by a particularly diverse group of movie-goers. Indeed, the film has been heralded for its portrayal of both African Americans and women.

According to comScore, 37 percent of ticket buyers were African American. Caucasians made up the next largest group (35 percent), followed by Hispanics (18 percent). That sort of demographic breakdown is unheard of for an all-audience event film. On average, African Americans make up about 15 percent of the audience for superhero fare.

Females also turned out in force to see Black Panther, heralded for its portrayal of strong women, making up 45 percent of all ticket buyers (that share is usually 35 to 40 percent on a superhero movie’s opening weekend).

Incidentally, the film currently enjoys a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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From Gizmodo: Government Science Site Becomes Prime Real Estate for Fake Movie Pirates 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information website is an invaluable resource for finding scientific studies and papers. Recently, it also became a promotional vector for a potential phishing site offering pirated movie streams.Read more…

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From BGR: 10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

It’s time to hit the movies again, with Black Panther and Early Man opening this week in theaters across the country. I for one am making good progress with the Oscar-nominated films, but Black Panther ranks pretty high on my list of movies to watch. On top of new movie releases, we’ve also got a collection of new trailers to show you from this past week, including the latest Incredibles 2 and Ready Player One trailers.

A Quiet Place

We haven’t yet seen the monsters in A Quiet Place, but this new trailer offers plenty of new action. The gist of it is that a family has to somehow survive in a post-apocalyptic world without making a single sound. Any noise will awaken the monsters, whatever they are, and we’ll have to wait until April 6th to see it in cinemas.


Gringo, hitting theaters on March 9th, is a movie about selling drugs the legal way. But don’t expect the legal way to be any easier than selling drugs illegally. Just watch the trailer, and you’ll understand why that is.

Incredibles 2

It turns out that parenthood is a pretty tricky job even if you’re a superhero dad like Mr. Incredible. It’s even more annoying, in fact, if your children have superpowers of their own — especially babies. Because babies with superpowers like Jack-Jack are something that you can’t really control.

Mary Magdalene

Ever wondered why we don’t have more movies focused on the women in Jesus Christ’s life? Well, wonder no more. Mary Magdalene does just that, telling the story of the other important Mary in his life. The film launches this March.


Overboard is a comedy about a wealthy yacht owner who’s thrown overboard by his crew, and then forgets who he was before the accident. It’s a remake with big shoes to fill, but it looks pretty good in this trailer.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim 2 hardly needs more introductions. It’s going to be an action-packed flick about giant human-operated robots that are fighting giant sea monsters. A rinse and repeat job of the original, Uprising stars John Boyega and Scott Eastwood. Let’s hope they make it interesting.


Speaking of monsters that you need to control, here comes Rampage, a film about genetically altered beasts that cause havoc in urban settings. Of course, we have Dwayne Johnson in the leading role. And of course, the wolf can fly. You’ll see what that means in a minute.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a Steven Spielberg movie you should have on your radar this year. It’s a plausible story about the future of an overpopulated Earth, where alternative reality experiences are a pretty common entertainment solution. Not to mention they’re a lot more sophisticated than anything available from AR and VR platforms right now.

The Grinch

It’s not exactly a real trailer for the new Grinch animation, but more of an Olympics-themed marketing ploy. We’ll take it, however. After all, who doesn’t enjoy having a laugh or two on account of the Grinch? The movie premieres on November 9th.

Uncle Drew

Can aging former basketball stars still play the game? Can they do it better than their younger peers? Can they enter competitions at their age? I have a feeling that Uncle Drew will give us affirmative answers to all those questions. That said, this movie is probably something to avoid until it hits streaming services and you can watch it for free.

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ VR mock-doc is live on Pixel phones

Big-budget VR tie-ins are nothing new. Dunkirk got its own version from Intel, Blade Runner 2049 has one that debuted at Comic-Con and even Spider-Man got his own virtual reality “experience” when the reboot launched last year. Wes Anderson’s Isle of…

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