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From: GeekWire - Working Geek: Why Aravind Bala left a lead engineer role at Microsoft to launch Nextio

Aravind Bala had been at Microsoft for nearly 15 years when he met Anoop Gupta, his manager on the Office Mix team. After working together for a couple of years, they began kicking around startup ideas. Eventually, they came up with the concept for Nextio, a platform that pays users for responding to messages from recruiters and offers other career-related insights. “Every day you receive messages from people outside your social networks,” Bala said. “A message from a recruiter about your dream job is very valuable to you. One from a Nigerian prince who wants to share his treasure —… Read More

From: GeekWire - Three years after $7B Nokia deal, Microsoft’s smartphone strategy has changed dramatically

It’s hard to believe that it was only three years ago today that Microsoft officially completed its purchase of Nokia’s devices and services business for more than $7 billion. The deal was supposed to propel Microsoft into the fast lane of the smartphone business, but instead Microsoft’s share of the US smartphone operating system market has fallen from 3.8 percent in April of 2014 to 1.7 percent today, according to the latest figures from the Kantar Worldpanel Comtech research group. New worldwide numbers from International Data Corporation (IDC) on market share are even more stark. IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone… Read More

From: GeekWire - Nearly 5 years later, this original Microsoft Surface RT is still useful, at least as a spare

It pays to have a spare tire. Even if it’s one of those “space saver” spare tires that you can only use for a limited time, having a spare is a lot better than nothing. That’s kind of how I’ve looked at my original Microsoft Surface RT for the last several years. It gets pressed into service now and then when my main laptop isn’t available for one reason or another. Well, I recently ended up spending several weeks using it as my main machine when I mistakenly left my laptop in another city (and that’s another, far less interesting,… Read More

From: GeekWire - Microsoft says hello to Trello with new Teams tie-in as it battles Slack and others in packed chat market

The popular project management program Trello is now integrated into Microsoft Teams, the Redmond tech giant’s new enterprise messaging platform within Office 365. Trello, which boasts more than 19 million registered users and was acquired for $425 million by Atlassian in January, announced the new integration in a Tweet Monday morning, but offered few additional details. We’ve reached out to Trello for more information. Say hello to the Trello tab inside #MicrosoftTeams: https://t.co/aVg8t1FjvZ pic.twitter.com/3Q4Km9XIjW — Trello (@trello) April 24, 2017 The new integration is not a huge surprise, as Microsoft announced Trello as one of more than 150 partners it was… Read More

From: Digital Trends - Microsoft’s wearable resurgence will begin with a commercial smartwatch

Microsoft’s return to the world of wearables won’t be a fitness tracker, but a smart wearable aimed at commercial users. The TrekStore-made device will offer advanced features for healthcare and manufacturing industries.

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