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From: GeekWire - Popular newsletter uses open-source techniques to cover ‘WTF’ is happening with Trump

On a Friday afternoon earlier this month, nearly a dozen news alerts were pushed to my phone announcing that a Boston judge had ruled to enforce President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration in Massachusetts. The problem was, a Seattle judge had just ruled to block it nationwide, making Boston’s ruling moot. Since Trump’s presidency began, even veteran journalists have been struggling to grasp everything that happens in the White House, so how can a person whose day-to-day life doesn’t revolve around news keep up? That’s the problem Matt Kiser is hoping to solve with his recently launched blog, “What The Fuck… Read More

From: GeekWire - After growing Starbucks’ digital news operation, veteran journalist Linda Thomas joins Amazon as director of ‘Amazon Stories’

After spending more than three years helping grow Starbucks’ digital news operation, Linda Thomas is shifting gears to do something similar at another Seattle-based corporate giant. The longtime journalist took a new job at Amazon last month as the director of Amazon Stories, where she’ll be “telling global stories about Amazon,” according to her Twitter profile @TheNewsChick. Thomas declined to comment on her new role at Amazon; the company also did not provide more details when contacted by GeekWire. How is this week 3 of my new @amazon journey already? Great people, great challenge ahead 🍌 pic.twitter.com/NTfRLM3B4y — Linda Thomas (@TheNewsChick) January 30, 2017 Amazon has… Read More

From: GeekWire - Twitter rant on aisle 7! Jeff Bezos slams NY Post report on automated Amazon grocery stores

Jeff Bezos
As owner of The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos is clearly a fan of newspapers. But the Amazon CEO let it be known on Twitter today that not all media properties meet his exacting standards. Bezos took a shot at the New York Post for a story which ran on Sunday and was billed as a “business exclusive.” Under the headline “Inside Amazon’s robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers,” the Post cited anonymous sources in detailing what it called a “futuristic prototype” for grocery shopping coming from the Seattle tech giant. Bezos tweeted at the Post and said that the… Read More

From: GeekWire - White House press secretary says journalists will be able to Skype into briefings — and that’s a fact!

The first official White House press briefing was an extra-crowded affair on Monday, but Press Secretary Sean Spicer said some journalists will soon be able to use Skype to participate in the daily gatherings. According to Spicer, the White House will be adding four “Skype seats” to allow journalists not in the Washington, D.C., area to attend press briefings. Spicer said the seats would open up the briefings to a more diverse group of reporters. Skype, which allows users to do live video calls, was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. The idea to allow journalists to Skype into briefings was… Read More