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From: GeekWire - UW researchers reprogram genetic code to create digital circuitry inside living cells

Biological NOR gates
Researchers from the University of Washington have taken advantage of synthetic biology to turn yeast cells into building blocks for digital information processing. The experiment, described today in Nature Communications, turned the cells’ genetic code into NOR logic gates suitable for biologically based circuitry. In digital circuitry that deals with ones and zeros, a NOR gate will produce a “1” output only if both inputs are “0.” To adapt yeast cells for digital processing, the UW team used a gene-editing method called CRISPR-Cas9 to replicate the interactions of ones and zeros with DNA and RNA molecules. The Cas9 protein served as the… Read More

From: GeekWire - How cutting-edge genetic tests for kids are creating a conundrum for parents

We often think of genetic mutations as ominous, life-threatening mistakes in our biology. But the reality is actually much different: every person is born with about 60 genetic mutations. Often those mutations are neither harmful nor helpful, just a quirk in our biology. But for a parent or expectant parent, discovering that a child has a mutation can be an agonizing and upsetting experience. Seattle-based health journalist Bonnie Rochman has experienced that journey first hand, and she explores the conundrum genetic testing presents to parents in her book: “The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies Are Changing the Way We Have Kids… Read More