From GeekWire: Nightfall in Bellevue: Destiny 2 update will bring scoring changes to popular online game

Bellevue, Wash.-based game developer Bungie has made a reputation for itself over the last couple of decades by, well, taking over the known universe once every couple of years. Its current bid for world domination is Destiny 2, the Activision-published massively-multiplayer-online first-person shooter, and it’s preparing for the imminent release of patch 1.1.3 on Feb. 27. In the regular This Week at Bungie blog, Bungie’s community manager “dmg04â€� disclosed the current development roadmap for Destiny 2 and discussed the biggest new feature coming in next Tuesday’s patch: Nightfall Challenge Cards, several changes to how players score points in Nightfall raids, and… Read More

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