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From: Gizmodo - The Hunt For the Next Exoplanet Could Be in the Hands of EVE Online Players

It’s a big day for exoplanets. Not only did NASA confirm that it has spotted seven exoplanets that have Earth-like qualities orbiting TRAPPIST-1, but the makers of the popular massively multiplayer game EVE Online have announced a crowdsourcing effort to get players to identify exoplanets while they explore virtual…

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From: Blog – Hackaday - Radio and Phone Speaker has Style

Building a crystal radio isn’t exactly rocket science. Some people who build them go for pushing them technically as far as they can go. Others, like [Billy Cheung], go for style points. The modular radio and phone speaker looks like it came out of the movie Brazil. The metallic gramophone-like speaker horn adds to the appeal and mechanically amplifies the sound, too.

The video (see below) isn’t exactly a how-to, but if you watch to the end there is enough information that you could probably reproduce something at least similar. There are actually several horns. One is made from copper, …read more

From: GeekWire - What ‘Chime’ is it? Amazon sued over name of its new online conferencing technology

A New York-based tech company has filed a federal trademark suit against Amazon Web Services over the name of the cloud giant’s newly launched Chime online conferencing and collaboration technology. CafeX Communications launched its online conferencing and collaboration system, called Chime, a year ago. Using the application, businesses can collaborate via document sharing, chat, video and voice calls directly from their chosen browser. The company won best in show for the technology at the Enterprise Connect 2016 conference in March, nearly a year before Amazon launched its own Chime online conferencing technology. In the lawsuit, CafeX alleges Amazon was aware of its Chime product when it launched Amazon Chime last week.… Read More

From: Boing Boing - After sexual harassment account, Uber exposé shows aggressive, unrestrained work culture

After a former Uber engineer detailed her account of sexual harassment while working there for about a year, New York Times reporter Mike Isaac dug into the story and got the goods. His exposé describes an amoral Ayn Randian meritocracy filled with aggressive jerks, in which one could absolutely imagine impunity for sexual harassment being an accepted norm.


From: Digital Trends - Sony shows off world’s fastest SD card with speeds up to 300MB per second

Sony has launched a new line of SD cards aimed at high-end photography and video professionals. Thanks to unique firmware, the cards push the limits of the UHS-II U3 specification to achieve read speeds of 300MB per second.

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