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From: Digital Trends - Weekly Rewind: Chuck Berry’s legacy, Apple’s (RED) iPhone, Lexus’ new yacht

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week.

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From: BGR - Elon Musk talks about new Tesla vehicles in latest tweetstorm

Following a strategy Tesla has previously implemented with great success, Elon Musk took to Twitter earlier today and said that the company is planning to release a performance model of the Model 3 in about a year. Musk’s revelation came shortly after the CEO tempered expectations for the company’s mass market EV, noting that it won’t feature the same level of performance and type of features already available on the Model S.

That aside, word that Tesla has a performance version of the Model 3 should be encouraging for users who want to enjoy the raw performance and acceleration Tesla is known for without having to splurge for the pricier Model S.

Musk’s tweet reads:


But Musk wasn’t done tweeting, later relaying that the Model 3 will feature a 75kWh battery pack.


Following that, someone asked Musk if the upcoming Model 3 would have more range than the Chevy Volt, prompting a rather coy and yet telling response from Musk.


There’s no official word yet on what the Model 3’s range will be, but it’s worth noting that the Chevy Bolt offers users 238 miles of range on a single charge.

And last but not least, Musk earlier on in the tweetstorm fielded a question about a crossover version of the Model 3, a vehicle already known as the Model Y. Musk indicated that the Model Y is very much on Tesla’s roadmap but that we might have to wait a few years before it ultimately sees the light of day.


From: BGR - Tesla releases new video of a near-final Model 3, but Musk says car is overhyped

Tesla’s Model 3 will undoubtedly be an interesting and compelling car, but it’s not going to be the world-beater that some Tesla fans might otherwise believe. In an effort to temper such over-sized expectations, Elon Musk this morning published a series of tweets stating that the Model 3 will not introduce features and technologies more advanced than what is currently available on the Model S.

In an effort to build some intrigue as well, Musk also released a video showcasing a release candidate of the Model 3 going on its first ever drive.

Musk first tweet reads:


While this may seem like common sense, it was a smart move for Musk to chime in on the matter like he id. For a variety of reasons, much of the speculation surrounding the Model 3 has been amplified to such an extent as to create almost unrealistic expectations around the car. As a prime example, consider this: because the Model 3 that Tesla unveiled last year lacked a traditional instrument cluster, many Tesla enthusiasts began speculating that the shipping Model 3 would feature an advanced HUD that would put the Model S’ dashboard to shame.

Consequently, a narrative soon emerged claiming that the Model 3 would introduce new features and technologies that would ultimately show up in subsequent versions of the Model S. The reality, though, is quite the opposite. The Model S is Tesla’s flagship car and Model S features will trickle down to the Model 3, not the other way around.

Not mincing words, Musk proceeded to state that the Model 3 would be a lesser version of the Model S in every conceivable way, save of course for price.


So there you have it. And as one Twitter user cleverly summed up, you might want to think of the Model 3 as something akin to Apple’s iPhone SE.


As for the aforementioned video, you can check out the rather uneventful footage below.


Currently, Tesla maintains that deliveries of the Model 3 will begin, as initially promised, later this year. If all goes according to plan, Tesla is hoping to ship upwards of 100,000 vehicles to reservation holders before 2018.

From: BGR - Tesla’s Model 3 may be 10x safer than regular cars, analyst claims

A new research note from Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas claims that Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 will provide a level of safety that other car manufacturers will simply be unable to match. Hardly a shocking assertion, Tesla has been obsessed with driver safety for years now. Tesla’s Model S, for example, was famously the first car to receive a 5-star safety rating across every single category when it was tested by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2013.

While the Model S’ initial safety prowess was largely a function of its resilient industrial design, the dynamics of road safety have transformed quite a bit over the last few years, thanks in large part to advancements many car companies have made in the realm of autonomous software. Indeed, Jonas intimates that the Autopilot software that will ship with the Model 3 will make it hard for competing companies to keep up.

In remarks originally noted by Electrek, Jonas goes so far as to say that the Model 3 will be 10x safer than most other cars on the road.

“We think the Model 3 will feature hardware and software that provide a level of active safety that could significantly lead all other cars on sale today and could, if the company achieves its goal, be an order of magnitude (i.e. 10x) safer than the average car on the road,” Jonas explained. “According to nearly every OEM we talk to, safety is the number 1 determinant of car purchases. Look for safety to be the “ah-hah!” moment for this car due to launch this year.”

In another excerpt obtained by SeekingAlpha, Jonas writes that Tesla’s Autopilot software will provide drivers with a “superhuman assist” with respect to safety on the road.

Tesla, not surprisingly, has been just as effusive when touting the benefits of its Autopilot software. Last year, for example, Elon Musk said that the risk of having an accident in a Tesla car with Autopilot engaged was 50% lower relative to other vehicles.

“The probability of having an accident is 50% lower if you have Autopilot on,” Musk said. “Even with our first version. So we can see basically what’s the average number of kilometers to an accident – accident defined by airbag deployment. Even with this early version, it’s almost twice as good as a person.”

While Musk is certainly prone to hyperbole, it’s worth noting that a NHTSA report from earlier this year found that Tesla’s Autopilot software helped reduce the incidence of accidents by 40%.


From: Digital Trends - With trick trophy trucks, the Mint 400 race makes Mad Max look middle-of-the-road

There’s more to off-road racing than you think. Engines that make over 800 horsepower, trucks that can jump 50 feet through the air, and the kind of can-do attitude that is sadly missing from other racing series.

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