From: GeekWire - This video of monkeys mourning their adopted robot baby will hit you right in the feels

We could all use a good cry right about now.

If you’re feeling jaded and cynical from recent news, watch the video above and let the compassion of the innocent wash over you, as a group of langur monkeys mourns their dead companion.

The grieving primates became attached to a robotic monkey, equipped with a spy cam for the miniseries Spy in the Wild. The eerily realistic robot breaks after one monkey’s babysitting attempts go terribly wrong. The langurs freak out, in much the same way you would if your niece dropped a baby she’d insisted on holding.

The monkeys conclude the robot baby is dead and proceed to gather around it, holding each other tenderly in grief. Seriously, have the Kleenex nearby for this one.

Spy in the Wild, a collaboration between BBC, PBS, and THIRTEEN Productions, will premiere Feb. 1 with hidden camera footage of exotic animals. If this teaser is any indication, it’s going to be a real tear-jerker.

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