From IGN All: Star Trek: Discovery Review

Full spoilers follow for this episode. Click here if you want to learn how to watch Star Trek: Discovery.

Man, this show keeps getting better and better. Right off the bat in this latest episode, we get three WTF moments in the cold open alone: Burnham namedrops not just the Constitution Class starships, but the most famous one -- the Enterprise; Lorca and Tyler play shoot 'em up on a holodeck (wha?!); and Sarek is almost killed by a fellow Vulcan who turns out to be a "logic extremist� on a suicide mission.

Of course, those three tidbits also do a good job of summing up what some folks love, some hate (and some love and hate) about this show. The Enterprise namedrop is fan service of the highest order, while the holodeck is a potentially frustrating addition because basically that tech isn't supposed to exist during this time period (though more on that below). And the Vulcan suicide attack is the kind of thrilling dramatic twist that Discovery does so well.

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