From: GeekWire - One small step for man, one giant leap on Kickstarter: Smithsonian wants to reboot Armstrong’s moon suit

Photo via Smithsonian Kickstarter/Reboot the Suit
The spacesuits hanging in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo 11 Moon landing exhibit? Replicas. Not anymore if this new Kickstarter campaign works. The Smithsonian wants to “reboot the suit,” or restore and display Neil Armstrong’s original spacesuit that he wore on the moon in 1969. The plan is to get the rebooted suit on display to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 2019. Armstrong’s suit is stored in a climate-controlled storage area that is not open to the public. As the Smithsonian explains via Kickstarter, “You may be surprised to learn that spacesuits are among… Read More

From: Gizmodo - If You Want to See the Future of TV, Watch the Tour de France

Early in the Tour de France this year, a horrible crash forced six riders to abandon—including one, Fabian Cancellara, who finished the day with two broken vertebrae. NBC reported that 400,000 people had streamed the day’s racing through its app. GoPro footage of the aftermath, shot by a mechanic, quickly blew up too.

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