From: InfoWorld - Here’s some questions Congress should ask about the election-related hacks

Members of congress are demanding answers over claims that Russia attempted to influence the U.S. presidential election with several high-profile hacks. U.S. intelligence agencies are confident that the Kremlin was involved, but incoming president Donald Trump remains skeptical.  

As they prepare to investigate, here’s some questions lawmakers should be asking to help them understand and respond to these hacks.  

What evidence do we have proving Russia’s involvement?

Attribution in any hack can be incredibly difficult, as Trump noted in a tweet, but cybersecurity experts say they have technical evidence showing that Democratic groups and figures were at the very least hacked with spear phishing emails and hard-to-detect malware from two suspected Russian hacking teams.

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From: CSO Online - Walking Dead can teach you valuable security lessons

Since early 19th century West Africa, the word “Zombie” has struck fear into the hearts of people. With the evolution of technology, and the rise of hit shows like “The Walking Dead,” zombies are more popular than ever, but the most terrifying thing about the world of

The Walking Dead isn’t “Walkers”, it’s other people: Walkers, as they are referred to on the show, are predictable; they’re hungry, and they want to eat your brains. Humans on the other hand, often can and will be unpredictable, and that’s exactly what makes them dangerous. Here are some tips to learn from the popular show.

Predictability is just as dangerous as unpredictability

Perceived cyber threat expectations among companies and corporations, from mom and pop shops to mega conglomerates shouldn’t base cybersecurity protocols on trends, let alone implement new cybersecurity techniques, technologies and procedures without a full understanding of them.

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From: The Register - What’s next after hyperconvergence?

Hyperconverged box humming away nicely? Time to take things up a notch

So, you’ve had a crack at hyperconverged architecture. You’ve bought your cloud-in-a-box solution from Nutanix, VMware or whomever and tried it out on a pilot project – something manageable and discrete that didn’t interfere with the rest of your architecture too much. And now that you’ve dipped your toe in the water, you’d like to wade in a little further.…

From: CSO Online - Tips for maintaining security while employees are out of the office for the holidays

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The downtime created by the holiday season is a fan favorite for enterprise employees and hackers alike. As workers are enjoying time away from the office for vacations or working remotely, hackers are viewing this slow down as an optimal time to attack corporate systems. To avoid having your organization turn into this holiday’s victim, security professionals provide tips for IT managers to protect corporate data, as well as share recommendations for using the slower cycles to test security systems. 

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