From: GeekWire - Apple offers new iPhone every year for $32/month, becoming latest to embrace installment plans

Apple just became the most recent smartphone seller to start offering monthly installment plans, about two years after T-Mobile first pioneered the payment model. Apple announced the iPhone Upgrade Program when it debuted the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus during its blowout press event on Wednesday. The company started by listing the familiar discounted prices customers get if they buy the phone with a two-year wireless contract, but then it showed off a new way of paying. The plans run for two years and cost between $32.41 and $44.91 per month — depending on the phone model and amount of storage. With that, customers get… Read More

From: The Verge - All Posts - A comic predicted Apple inventing Microsoft’s Surface three years ago

Sometimes people make predictions and they’re terribly wrong, but every once in a while an oracle appears with a prophecy that predicts the future. Joel Watson, a cartoonist, is today’s oracle. Watson captured the moment Microsoft announced its original Surface tablet, back in 2012, in cartoon form. The crowd’s reaction simply mocks Microsoft’s tablet, but Watson predicts the crowd at Apple’s event (in 2015!) will love it and claim Apple invented such a device. It’s Apple’s reality distortion field in full effect. Genius.

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From: Gizmodo - Deadspin College QBs Are Unprepared For The NFL | Jezebel Etiquette Monster: Your Bitch of a Cousin

Deadspin College QBs Are Unprepared For The NFL
| Jezebel Etiquette Monster: Your Bitch of a Cousin and the Coworkers Who Won’t Let You Talk at Lunch
| Kotaku Apple’s So-Called Gaming Console Is A Major Bust
| Lifehacker Everything Apple Announced Today that Actually Matters
| Kinja Popular Posts

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From: The Verge - All Posts - There already is a Pencil for iPad, but its maker thinks there’s room for Apple’s stylus too

The guys at FiftyThree can’t catch a break. First Facebook named its biggest and best app Paper, copying the name of FiftyThree’s earlier iPad drawing app, and now Apple has named its new stylus a Pencil, just like the iPad accessory FiftyThree already sells.

We reached out to the company, which is growing increasingly reliant on hardware sales of its Pencil for its income, to ask how it will react to Apple’s new launch. The answer is equivocal, as it neither derides nor entirely welcomes the Apple Pencil:

Every Pencil needs Paper. We’re excited to launch the all-new Paper on iPhone and iPad tomorrow, after which creative thinkers everywhere will see their phones and their ideas in a new light. We believe pen-and-touch input is the…

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From: Gizmodo - The fascinating and bloody family tree of the British Royal Family

As we all learned from Game of Thrones (and definitely not sitting through high school history), when there’s a chance to sit on a throne and rule a kingdom, everybody who can sit seemingly wants to be king and queen, even if it means fighting your family members for the chance. Here’s a really fun look at the history of the British Royal Family, from 1066 until today. It plays out like a comedy.

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