What we get for going with Godaddy Hosting – ALL of our Commercial Websites are down!

The long and short of it, yet again, is that Godaddy SUCKS. Godaddy is incompetent at web hosting, and has VERY little care about up-time, or their customers in general. I’m not sure why I continue to torture myself with giving them my business, but I’ve been with them for so long now (sometime in the late 90’s or early 00’s I can’t even recall at this point), that it’s just been something I’ve avoided, the whole issue of changing hosting providers, or going with a co-located server option instead.godaddy1

Considering the traffic growth and the amount of sites I host for our company as well as for other customers, I think it’s about time I look more seriously at the other options, because Godaddy simply does not care about their customers, they are too big, too successful, too interested in their highly paid racing car spokes-lady and other expensive flashy advertising, slaying elephants in Africa, and other deeds with their boat-loads of cash, to really care about the individual customer anymore, that’s my feeling, and my own direct experience over a long period of time.


So, here’s my current issue with Godaddy –our server, and Websites are down, AGAIN!!!!! Read below:


Hey everyone. It’s 11:45 PM CST on August 26, 2016 Friday, and ALL of our commercial websites, including those of our customers that we host, are DOWN – for over 4 hours now, with no update and no idea from Godaddy how long until they have this problem fixed (or frankly, if they are really even working on it). This also means the many thousands of readers of ComputerMagazine.com and users of our other websites and services are drawing a blank:

  • ComputerMagazine.com – Our thousands of readers are getting a big nothing when they go to read our articles.
  • MatchFinder.com – It’s a big thing to have your national dating site offline, all prime-time evening, on a Friday night!
  • FindWork.com – No job searches tonight

And the many, many others…….

And the many other websites we own/host on our server, as well as all of the customer websites that we host and are responsible for on our server.

I’ve been on the phone with their server hosting tech support twice tonight since 7 PM when I noticed that things were down. The first phone call’s tech gave me a vague reference to a “relay” being down (perhaps he meant “Gateway”, since I’m getting intermittent 502 errors hitting the hosting admin page they are supposed to have available.)

The second basically told me they are working on it and “tough,” when I find out it’s back up it will be back up.

Nice. 99.9% up-time??? I’m not sure they seem to take seriously that they are responsible for hosting major commercial websites, and this blase attitude is simply not appropriate, especially considering what we are paying just to have every single one of these sites offline, for hours now.

I’ll update when I learn more, but I’m getting the feeling there is NO sense of urgency on that end, so once ComputerMagazine.com is back up, it is probably time to do a thorough article on Hosting options and our recommendations. At this point, I don’t see Godaddy rating high on the list – from personal experience.

I apologize to our readers, users and customers, I’ll update with more as soon as available.nodaddy-logo_1024-1024x366

12:33 AM August 27, 2016 Saturday – UPDATE – Well, here’s an update. I just went through the lengthy process of getting through to their server tech support AGAIN (3rd call).

And it’s not an easy process, WHY on earth they waste SOOOO much time during the automated attendant process I have no idea. This is when you call their (very often useless) support line (480) 505-8877. You call , and have to pick your way through the looong drawn out menu with their happy, cheery little automated voice of the girl explaining every little option with such unnecessary extra blab like: “enter your security pin….so that we can better serve you and ensure security and help identify you so that we can make your customer experience a wonderful one, great, oh let me say some other unnecessary stuff and blab some more and then you can finally chose your option!” bla bla bla, instead of just saying “enter account number”, “enter pin number.” SOOOO annoying, so inefficient, especially when you are already annoyed after having to call them back several times on the same issue, pick through all the menus, with the extra nonsense the attendant speaks, re-enter your credentials each time, and then wait on hold, sometimes for a long time, with their annoying music blaring in your ear the whole time. And of course, that’s just the start of the misery, then you have to argue with their Tech support every single time, because they never, ever will accept responsibility that the problem is on THEIR end until you actually, finally pin them to the mat on it.

They must just love wasting their customers time and irritating them – someone from marketing needs to get kicked out of the next meeting when they reconsider the menu system for the automated attendant (if they ever wise up enough to dispense with all that cheery wasted blab.) A few years ago it wasn’t that way (I’ve been with Godaddy for I don’t know, 15 years or more). I can just see someone from marketing saying “Oh, we should make this sound happier and explain things more – so let’s waste a whole lot of our customers time making the menuing options take 10 times as long to get to an actual human voice with a lot of meaningless blather. Or maybe it was someone from financials who saw a way to save some money, and rubber stamped it because “maybe they’ll give up and just go away! And think of how much money that will save us in tech support staffing costs!”

I’ve wanted to vent about that with them for a while, but, you know, what do they care, because if they cared very much I wouldn’t have to call them so often to begin with.

So back to the main issue. I just got through to another “server admin,” but this time I decided to be smarter about the way I approached the call, suspecting that I wasn’t getting the real or full story (as usual with them when my server is down because of something on their end).

After the tech authenticated me, I started  the call with “so, you guys are having a massive outage there huh, with your commercial customers servers being down, you must have a lot of people angry?” Then I waited, figuring what he said next would tell me the real story. He said “well, you mean with that relay thing being down? I mean, I don’t understand, it’s not like it’s effecting anyone’s actual server or websites.” – AH HA!

I responded “oh, it’s not effecting servers/websites? So, ALL of my sites, my entire SERVER, has been down for hours, and both of your last two techs in the previous calls said it was because of this ‘relay’, and that everyone’s servers were down, which of course I doubted. Now you are telling me they lied.”

He stammered for a bit, reiterated that no, the issue they were having in their data center shouldn’t be actually keeping anyone’s server down or unavailable on the internet (he in essence claimed the issue was just their server admin webpage connecting to the CPANEL/WHM of the actual server. And THAT is yet another annoying issue they have had for YEARS and don’t seem to want to fix, I knew about that issue, for a long time, and had assured the other two techs that my actual SERVER was down, not just that interface (holy freak, how easy is it for them to confirm it, but do they bother? No). They both said, well, the issue was beyond just the admin page/CPANEL issue, and that all their customers servers were down. I was very dubious, and of course this last tech confirmed that was all a lie.)

He asked me to hold. Five minutes later he came back and said “Ok, I rebooted it, so it should be back up now.” I checked, sure as heck I could contact the server again, and of course my sites were back up. That easy. Just like I knew it was, but couldn’t get the previous two techs to be honest, or to actually do anything – to, you know, god forbid, bring my server back online.

I paused, wanting to not totally lose my cool, then replied “What????? So it was THAT easy for YOU to fix? After the FIRST tech told me he did a ‘hard reboot’ but I still couldn’t see the server because it would ‘take 30 minutes to reboot’ which I knew was a load of crap, so wait at least 30 minutes then call back if it’s not working. The second tech said that the outage you guys were having had everyone’s servers down and that they were “working” on it, and meanwhile all of my sites, including the national dating site MatchFinder.com, had been down ALL evening because you guys had my server down, and NOW, with a simple click, you reboot the server that the FIRST tech hours ago COULD have done, and lied and said he had done (that I had doubted). That ANYONE there, for hours, could have done, instead of just letting my server stay down. Well thanks, but what the heck! Why did the other two refuse to do jack squat?”

(Just to let you know, the interface for me, the customer, to access either through CPANEL or SSH, my own server, to reboot it, was not available, that was part of the problem. That wouldn’t have mattered so much if the server hadn’t been entirely offline, but I couldn’t seem to get them to care about that not-so-minor fact.)

He stammered some more, and claimed that “well, maybe they didn’t know how to reboot it like I did.” Hmmm, ok. More lies. Funny, since I’ve had to call them MANY times before and have the same thing done. But TWO techs were just willing to sit there for hours and let my server be down, until FINALLY I got the third one, tricked him into giving the real story, and who, caught in the whole lie, was ultimately willing to move his little finger to push the button to reboot it. Actually, just CALL someone in their data center and have THEM do it. Thanks. That’s responsibility for you. But, at least one guy, finally, caught dead to rights, was willing to do the absolute minimal amount of lifting a finger so that a customers expensive server, hosting many national commercial websites, could be brought back online. I swear, what total lack of caring about your customer. “99.9%”, that’s a big joke, I have to tell you.

YOU, Godaddy, yet again, had ALL of my websites, my major commercial websites, DOWN, during the prime-time hours of a Friday night – MatchFinder.com, ComputerMagazine.com, on and on, when I have so many users accessing them, this time for over 4 hours of the most important day and time of the week, simply because you refuse to be honest, and refuse to give a crap, and are desperate to never take responsibility and actually do anything. You are ruining my business, my websites reputations, as well as my customers who host with me. And when users find a website such as a publication like Computer Magazine or a dating site like MatchFinder.com, down for so long, what do they do? Go on to the next, the competition, and never come back. THANKS GODADDY!!!!! And this isn’t a one time incident, this is the same response I have gotten from them, their tech support, for YEARS – refusing to be honest, always trying to shirk responsibility or claim that my server is online and that they can connect to it when they know damn well they are lying, just so they can pretend that somehow I don’t know what I’m doing, but that things are fine on their end. Only, finally, after fighting through one liar after another, I can finally get someone who will lift a finger and admit the problem is on their end, hit the “restart”, and bring my server back online.godaddy-sucks

And  you know, what makes it even worse, is every time you call their hosting tech support, you have to sit through the whole speech where they try and shirk responsibility with the “you have a self-managed server,” and “did you try this that and the other. ” Meanwhile, the whole time having to argue with them “yes, of course I tried CPANEL, tried to reboot it there, tried to SSH into the server – you aren’t getting me – IT’S OFFLINE, I CAN’T CONNECT, BY ANY METHOD, I CAN’T REBOOT IT, NOTHING, ALL OF MY WEBSITES ON THE SERVER ARE DOWN, DON’T YOU GET IT, THE SERVER IS OFF, NOT JUST YOUR CRAPPY ADMIN INTERFACE, I’VE HAD THIS PROBLEM WITH YOUR GUYS HOSTING MANY TIMES BEFORE, THE PROBLEM IS ON YOUR END, DO SOMETHING!!!!!”

It’s very frustrating, in fact it’s unacceptably infuriating and unprofessional. Then sometimes they will CONTINUE to argue that it’s not a problem on their end, they can connect to my server just fine (even though I know, and it’s obvious, they are lying, since the darn server is down, just like tonight yet again). So, if I’m really desperate, sometimes I get to the point of saying “look, friend, I’ve been doing this for 30 years, I’m and MCSE, a Linux Admin, a Network Engineer, I’ve manged the biggest companies data centers and servers, I think I know when I can’t connect to my own server and have tried all I can do from my end, will you ACTUALLY check my server now and see what I’m talking about!!!!????”

Usually, finally, like tonight, I’ll end up, after hours of frustration and obfuscation, get someone to ACTUALLY look at it, see the problem is on their end, and do something. But they sure want to make it as stressful, annoying, and infuriating as possible – and meanwhile, guess what – you are paying for expensive hosting, an expensive server, only so that for hours on end your customers, your readers, your clients – all can get a big “page not found” error. Godaddy, you really suck – and you are too big to care about your loyal customers who feel that way, which says a lot about you.

Oh, one last note that I almost forgot, but helps illustrate even further how Godaddy has little care for their customers, in fact apparently thinks their customers outages are rather entertaining. When I talked to the second of the three techs, during that call, I mentioned to him that before I had called them the first time, I tried their web chat support option. Now, I don’t know why, because I’ve tried it before and it takes 5 times as long as calling them does, only to never get anywhere (where as SOMETIMES you actually can, eventually, when you call them.) I told him that I still had it on the screen, but it was STILL, periodically, just sitting there sending a message telling me to still wait. He laughed at this and said “oh, ya, I wouldn’t bother with that, it’s well known that it times out and a person will be sitting there staring at it forever and never get anyone.” He said it with like a snicker. Amazing, as if it’s funny, to have a customer sitting on the other end needing help, trusting your little web support app, only meanwhile they have actually “timed out” and would be sitting there forever. Just, you know what, I’m at a loss for words. Godaddy, it’s time for some deep introspection.







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