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Chris Swearingin 2016Published on August 12, 2016
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Well, Mediacom (a cable company and ISP serving many U.S. locations, but in my case Springfield, Missouri) came this afternoon and “upgraded” my home to their “xtreme” package. They installed a Hitron CGNVM-2559 cable modem/router and took out my old one (I’ve been with Mediacom for over 4 years now.) They shipped the new modem/router and TiVO to me a few days ago. I staged it all, hooked it up, but awaited their tech to “finish” the install today.

Mediacom Xtream package containing TiVO and Hitron Cable modem/router

Mediacom “Xtream” package I received a few days ago containing TiVO and and soon-to-be sabotaged Hitron Cable modem/router

Funny thing was before the tech got here I had complete access to the admin interface of the modem/router, I changed it to to match my LAN, etc, but now that he’s gone, I go to the 192.168.x.1 admin interface, and it redirects – TO THEM. To a ridiculously limited config page of theirs (NOT the router/modems). So, all of a sudden, no access to my local admin interface. I call them, they have no idea what I’m talking about. Two hours later, FINALLY get someone who does, but they say tough, you are out of luck. NICE. So, Mediacom, you get an F- for that!!!!! VERY suspicious, having to go through them, log in to their servers to access your own edge router, and then limiting almost ALL of your configuration abilities from you (no way to change your LAN’s IP, thankfully I had already done that, no way to set your custom DNS servers, check your access logs or MAC addresses that have been assigned except in a round about way I suppose, no way to set reservations – and now I’m getting IP address conflicts popping up all over the place on systems – on and on and on!!!! Nothing!)

Mediacom disabled HITRON CGNVM-2559 cable modem/router

Mediacom crippled HITRON CGNVM-2559 cable modem/router that I received a few days ago. They only cripple it AFTER they come to your location to “install” it.

8:38 PM – Oh, and now an update – I’ve been offline for hours. I can’t get hold of anyone to come back, probably not for days or weeks, and of course, I have NO way to check why this modem won’t maintain block-sync, can’t check the decibels, nothing – because they took away their customers admin interface to their own cable modem, let alone to the router side!!!!

What’s even worse, more inexpiable, and simply inexcusable, (and probably due to some VP in corporate who has a major control obsession or is fully NSA-inspired), is that now with the modem unable to sync with their network, my ENTIRE LAN is down! You know, all the parts that have NOTHING to do with being connected to the internet? The part where your PC talks to your NAS, or you try and look at your IP cam you have plugged in the baby’s room? I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s obscene to do this to a customer, what kind of craziness allowed this whole plan to get rolled out?

What happens now, apparently with the Mediacom XTreme “upgrade” (and boy do I use that term tongue-in-cheek) is that with the modem/router unable to connect to THEM, Mediacom, it disables ALL local traffic across the switch ports and WiFi as well, – meaning if you have no internet, by golly, we aren’t going to let you have a LAN either! If we don’t have control of every single packet going across your wires at any particular moment, you are screwed buddy, so suck on that! I guess that’s their new corporate philosophy, but wow! And how suspicious is all of this? What, if you can’t see every single thing going on in my home, on my own local network, you won’t let ANYTHING pass, you are going to sabotage me utterly? And you let someone roll this out to your customers? Really???

You know how in the past if your internet was to go down, your devices would still be able to use your cable modem/router’s switch/ports (albeit a very simple managed switch), and the WiFi part of that equation, you’d still be able to print from your laptop to a network printer, etc? Well, nope, not with Mediacom and their “XTreme” service! If you were dumb enough to let this Mediacom Hitron become the center of your star-top LAN, when the Internet goes down, and Mediacom is unable to snope on your every frame, the router does NOT still act as a local switch, like you would expect, heck no, the WiFi is gone, and even on my Ethernet cabled LAN, NOTHING can talk to anything else, because this intentionally disabled and sabotaged Mediacom Hitron router is at the center of it!

What kind of control freak at Mediacom decided that if the internet is down “well, we aren’t going to let them have anything, NOTHING, they are screwed without us, they can’t print, we won’t let any computer talk to any other, disable the switch, disable local DHCP, we’ll even disable their WiFi – bring it all down boys until we can get eyes on everything they are doing in the privacy of their own home! And the funniest part – when we’ll have our biggest laugh, is the first time the Internet goes down and they try and log into their router to figure out what is up, and why they can’t even use the switch, they’ll realize we disabled their access to their own equipment, the equipment they are paying us for!!!! HaHaHaHa!!!! We won’t even let them access the modem/router themselves to diagnose it or fix it!!!! So they will be TOTALLY dependent on us, and then we can take a week or two to get around to coming back to fix it. It will be great. We’ll all have a laugh while our customers are stuck!!!! Yes, that’s the plan, let’s implement that!!!!”

Mediacom in Springfield, MO - We Pre-break your Cable Modem/Router so you can't ever mess it up yourself. We call that XTreme! What do you call it?

Mediacom in Springfield, MO – We Pre-break your Cable Modem/Router so you can’t ever mess it up yourself. We call that XTreme! What do you call it?

Ok, I’ll have more to say when I calm down, and write a more thorough article about my awful wasted Friday with Mediacom and the un-checked power of monopolies who leave their customers VERY dissatisfied. Since my ENTIRE life is on the Net, from my websites, businesses and online MSU college courses, to most of my personal life, well, suffice it to say it seems my “upgrade” means I won’t be on the net much probably for the next couple of weeks until they can get someone else back out here, but when I can, trust I’ll have plenty to say about all of this.


You might have thought other Cable companies were control freaks, but we have them beat to the “XTREME!”

11:07 PM – Well, I scrapped their Hitron, how incredibly infuriating to leave me with a cable modem/router that isn’t syncing and they have intentionally left me no ability to administer it or diagnose, nor anyone at their support line who has a clue or can get someone dispatched without me being down for it looks like a week and a half, I think they scheduled someone for the 20th. So here today I have an “upgrade” to my service, they walk away leaving me handicapped, and crippled, and I’m suppose to just stay off the internet for over a week??? Crazy!!!

So, I had to revert back to my own old Docsis 2.0 cable modem, activated it myself (you know, my big mistake was not doing the other myself and letting their tech come “help”, and disable my access) and daisy chained my old DD-WRT loaded Linksys WRT54GS. I love DD-WRT as an open-source cheap router firmware replacement, but recall I had taken this particular one out of the chain a few years ago because the Wi-Fi lost it’s ability to transmit (I don’t know, it can still receive, just no transmission, I’ve checked the antennas, after that I lost interest and now it has an inch of dust on it, luckily I still had it laying around).

At Mediacom in Springfield, Missouri, valuing our customers isn't really our "thing," because after all, what choice do you have when it comes to broadband?  Mediacom - "Having laughs at your expense."

At Mediacom in Springfield, Missouri, valuing our customers isn’t really our “thing,” because after all, what choice do you have when it comes to broadband? Mediacom – “Having laughs at your expense.”

ANYTHING is better than having someone else’s equipment on your premises that is at the core and edge of your network that you basically have no access to, let alone the type of functionally you’d expect in the cheapest of home routers from 10 years ago or more (I remember my first non-Cisco, non-home made Linux, home router – i think it was a Netgear, 20 years ago that was telnet and command line only, no fancy web interfaces back then, no it was the home users IOS command-line type solution. Anyways, you could still set reservations, DNS servers, Port Forwarding ranges, etc. But not in 2016 with Mediacom’s “Xtreme” downgrade. Nope, we are going to give you a modem/switch and give you NOTHING, get your internet from us and you’ll long for the early 90’s and a telnet interface!).

So, with this old equipment now in place, docsis 2.0, I lost a third of my speed (i was up near 90+ MB for a brief shining moment, now I’m back down to like 27, and no WiFi, at the moment until i find something else to chain on here, but in a few days I’ll just go buy something decent, a Nighthawk or some such, and then chain my IPCop box or my pfSense box back into the mix.

Anywho, more later, this is just kind of a running journal of this tribulation and disappointment, expect a fully organized and sourced article, with this ordeal as it’s inspiration, soon on Mediacom, you deserve the attention, and since you want me down for a week and a half, you are giving me plenty of time to ruminate over it!



Honorable mention does go to their Tech Rep “Sabrina.” She was the one who finally gave me the answer “tough”, but not in those words, she was much more pleasant and explanatory than that. She was very patient with me, after a couple of hours of getting reps who didn’t seem to understand what I was telling them, including a long chat with their online support where the rep was just absolutely clueless (I’ll have to post the screen shots of that conversation, rather humorously disappointing but illustrative of the woeful tech knowledge of the “tech support” reps today.) However, Sabrina immediately knew what I was frustrated with, and was patient with me since I started out pretty incensed with her. I’ve been in the IT field since ’86, but in the early to mid ’90’s I worked for AST. Now, real tech vets will remember that AST was the Dell computer of their day (yes, Dell was around back then, but AST was the big boy on the block…though they didn’t stay that way for a reason.) I worked phone tech support out of their call center in Ft. Worth, TX (the Bluemound facility, if this strikes a bell with anyone.) Unfortunately, as the company faced harsh competition their quality fell, and they would ship computers dead out of the box, people bought them at Walmart’s, well, everywhere. The hold times were up to two hours to reach me, and you can bet people were pissed by the time they got hold of me as a tech support rep when they had bought a PC dead out of the box then had to wait that long to get any help. So, I was use to a series of four letter words that would begin the conversation. For a minute I forgot what it was like, but Sabrina’s patience helped me remember. A company as large as Mediacom is probably too big to appreciate a rare gem of an employee though, sad reality of corporate America, one of the reasons I moved on from AST, and they failed within a year and sold assets off in part to Samsung, as I recall.

Mediacom - Where we don't care and hope you won't either

Mediacom – Where we don’t care and hope you won’t either

August  14, 2016 Sunday 1:33 PM – So here it is Sunday, and as expected I’ve heard nothing from them. If I was a typical home user without some old equipment of my own sitting in my lab, I’d have been down since Friday with NO Internet, no phone, nothing, thanks to going with Mediacom and daring to order from them an “upgrade” to my service. Granted, if they even did try and call me, thanks to them, MY PHONE IS DOWN!!!! Why, because I have phone service through Mediacom, and with their “upgraded” Cable Modem/Router fully sabotaged by them and offline, and having to install my own old Docsis 2.0, just to temporarily get by, even though it supports VOIP under the old spec, apparently they don’t support that, so, no dial-tone, and people who are calling me are getting a message saying “This customer is currently not accepting phone calls.” THANKS MEDIACOM, THANKS!!!!!! Please at least change the message to “We have sabotaged our paying customer so he is currently unable to accept calls, when we get around to feeling like it, we might eventually show up at his door and re-disable his Hitron router so he can use our fully monitored and spied on service by us control freaks having a laugh at our customers expense.”

Do I sound pissed, you bet! And with the way they disable the switch and WiFi on the Hitron if it’s unable to sync with their service, it REALLY makes it suspiciously look like it’s because they have NO wish to grant their customers the ability to use their service unless they can be constantly monitored and controlled. What other reason would they do this, and prevent you from looking at your own routers config to see the access logs, let alone to configure it yourself, let alone to use it as a normal switch when the internet is down, like every other cable modem/router in history??? But, as with most of the Cable monopolies, we are still left with the question of “what is the alternative”, when you need broadband service in an area like Springfield, Missouri? Not much. So I wait, and bitch, but hopefully get the word out to other customers or potential Mediacom customers – with treatment like this, being spied on, having your equipment intentionally crippled from you – go elsewhere if you have an alternative, because the stress alone makes it not worth it. Now I understand all of the Mediacom complaints I have read, and there are plenty of Mediacom complaints in Springfield, Missouri online as well, so the picture just keeps getting a bit more clear – and the central message is “stay away.”


4:45 PM – In order to correct this situation, I’ve spent hour upon hour trying to get through to Mediacom to resolve this. First I tried through their web page and using the chat support on there. That is hilariously pointless, not only does it take forever of waiting and typing back and forth to someone, answering the same questions over and over again, trying to get through their head that they don’t seem to understand what you are referring to (because they keep giving the same pre-packaged and pointless responses), but in the end they will claim they have no idea what you are talking about and can’t help. Wasted a good hour there. Then I called back the subcontractor from “Integrity” who actually did the install here in Springfield, MO at my home, on behalf of Mediacom. He said I could call him back from the number on my caller ID if I had any problems. He was nice and professional, never got his actual name, but the problem was that he had NO idea what on earth I was talking about when I called him back, when I said I couldn’t access the administrative interface to the router he installed. Amazing. I said well I’d need him to just come back and re-install my old router he had just taken out, roll me back, if this was how it was all going to be (this is all within an hour of him doing the install). Nope, he said I was out of luck there, and to call their tech support number. I did that. 1-855-633-4226 (a number I’ve spent WAY too much pointless time on over the years, talking to people who seem to have no idea how to support their customers or simply don’t care). Eventually I finally reached the nice and seemingly, unbelievably rare knowledgeable and polite lady, as I mentioned above the other day, but after wasting another hour, her answer too was that I was just out of luck, though it does appear ultimately she seems to have scheduled a service call – some 10 days away!!!!Mediacom-when-you-just-dont-care-if-it-works

So today I try and make a login on their support board at I found this doing google searches trying to get answers or find ACTUAL support. THAT is pointless, more waste of time. While you can “register” or at least it appears you can, it then tells you it has sent you a confirmation email, that you have to confirm before you can use the board. Waited. Waited. Waited. Never received it (yes I checked junk email).

Mediacom Pointless Support Forums. You can keep clicking "Need another activation email" all you want. It will keep telling you it has sent you one, but you'll never get it!

Mediacom Pointless Support Forums. You can keep clicking “Need another activation email” all you want. It will keep telling you it has sent you one, but you’ll never get it!

So, I tried to create another account, with a different email address of mine, though with my same Mediacom Account number. Nope, says you can’t do that. So, in the end, it seems like another somehow intentional dead-end they set up to frustrate you from ACTUALLY being able to receive any real support. Amazing. Mediacom – you are impossible. Why does it seem that they are out there, on the other end, just having a big laugh at us customers about all this?

At Mediacom, your outage is our day of fun!

At Mediacom, don’t worry, we’re not laughing with you, we are laughing AT you!

August 15, 2016 Monday 1:43 PM – Still haven’t heard a word from Mediacom, nope, not even on Twitter where I tweeted them several times, certainly not by phone – SINCE MY PHONE ISN’T WORKING THANKS TO THEM, not an email, nothing, and of course haven’t seen a service truck pulling up at my door. So, still no phone service (and it says “This customer is currently not accepting calls”, or something like that, which makes it look like I’ve blocked someones calls, ha, isn’t that nice.) So, the wait goes on, for a company that truly doesn’t care. You know, it’s well and fine to do reviews of companies and their products and services, as I do, but when you are personally paying for a service and have a direct terrible experience, it really puts things in the light of day.

You might not think it's funny, but that's because you aren't sitting here, with us! At Mediacom - Make us laugh some more!

You might not think it’s funny, but that’s because you aren’t sitting here, with us! At Mediacom – Make us laugh some more!

8:01 PM – So, still no phone, and what’s even more strange, and worse is that now – my TiVO/Cable TV isn’t working! So, I don’t know, what do you think, retaliation for complaining??? Amazing.







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