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From: Blog – Hackaday - VIM Normalization

Linux users–including the ones at the Hackaday underground bunker–tend to fall into two groups: those that use vi and those that use emacs. We aren’t going to open that debate up again, but we couldn’t help but notice a new item on GitHub that potentially negates one of the biggest complaints non-vi users have, at least for vim which is the most common variant of vi in use on most modern systems. The vim keybinding makes vim behave like a “normal” editor (and to forestall flames, that’s a quote from the project page).

Normally vi starts out in a command …read more

From: Blog – Hackaday - A Real Hacker’s IDE

We don’t use a GUI IDE, but if we did, it would most certainly be something along the lines of [Martin]’s embedded-IDE project. We’ve always felt that most IDEs are just fancy wrappers around all the tools that we use anyway: Makefiles, diff, git, ctags, and an editor. [Martin]’s project makes them less fancy, more transparent, and more customizable, while retaining the functionality. That’s the hacker’s way — putting together proven standard tools that already work.

The code editor he uses is QScintilla, which uses clang for code completion. The “template” system for new projects? He uses …read more

From: GeekWire - Microsoft shows off powerful tech with ‘Sprinkles’ photo editor — but there’s no need for Snapchat to panic

Another day, another photo app targeted at teens. This time, it’s Microsoft hoping to lure Gen Z users and millennials with goofy captions and emoji stickers. The tech giant has released Sprinkles, a camera app that allows users to add stickers, captions, and other features to their photos. The user can then send the photo to friends through messaging apps or share it social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The app reflects Microsoft’s powerful technology but after testing it out, I can’t see it catching on in the same way that other photo-altering apps (ahem, Snapchat) have with the youths. For… Read More

From: TechWorm - Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor (IDE) – Codelobster PHP Edition

Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor (IDE) – Codelobster PHP Edition For valuable work on the creation of sites, you need a good comfortable editor necessarily. There are many requiring paid products for this purpose, but we would like to select free of charge very functional and at the same time of simple in the […]

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From: TechWorm - You can now edit 4K videos for free with OpenShot 2.2 video editor

You can now edit your 4K videos with OpenShot 2.2 free video editing software Next time you shoot a 4K video with your all new 4K ready smartphone or DSLR camera you don’t to worry about the lags, blushes or shakes. One of the main problems with 4K adoption was the issue of editing 4K […]

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