From The Next Web: Microsoft opens Xbox One X pre-orders with limited ‘Project Scorpio Edition’

If you’ve been waiting to pre-order an Xbox One X, now’s your chance. Microsoft has opened up pre-orders for its new flagship console, starting at $499. What’s more, the earliest adopters will receive a limited “Project Scorpio Editionâ€� as well. For those not keeping up, when Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio would officially be called the Xbox One X, many gamers were disappointed at the name choice. It’s phonetically too similar to Xbox One S, and the codename just sounded cooler. Now the company is appeasing these gamers with the Project Scorpio Edition. The differences are only cosmetic: ‘Project Scorpio’ is…

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From TechCrunch: Microsoft kicks off Xbox One X pre-orders today with a limited ‘Project Scorpio’ edition

 Microsoft just pulled the trigger on Xbox One X pre-orders, offering up the souped up version of its console for $499. Unveiled back at E3 in June after a year’s worth of teasers, the latest Xbox One features more memory and improved processing designed for 4K playback. The company is also using its platform at the Gamecom conference in Cologne, Germany to debut a limited edition version… Read More

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From Tech Insider: You can finally buy the most powerful Xbox ever made: The $500 Xbox One X (MSFT)

The next version of Microsoft’s long running Xbox line of video game consoles is named Xbox One X. It costs $500, and launches November 7. You can pre-order one starting on Sunday.

There’s even a fancy “limited edition” version of the console — dubbed the “Project Scorpio Edition,” in honor of the console’s original codename — that will also be available in November. All pre-ordered Xbox One X consoles are part of the “Project Scorpio Edition” production run, at least until supplies run out. Here it is:

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

There are a few subtle differences in the pre-order version of the Xbox One X. “The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition features a custom design with the words ‘Project Scorpio’ printed on the console and the controller, and we’ve incorporated a sophisticated and dynamic graphic pattern across the exterior,” corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Xbox, Mike Nichols, said in a blog post about the console. And yes, the vertical stand is included.

To be clear, the Xbox One X isn’t the next version of the Xbox line of game consoles.

It’s considered part of the Xbox One platform, meaning that all games on the original Xbox One function on the Xbox One X (and vice versa). It’s a more powerful iteration of an existing game console: the Xbox One. So what makes it worth $500 when a standard Xbox One — brand new — costs just $250?

For starters, it makes most games look far prettier than they already do.

Metro: Exodus

The Xbox One X is capable of powering so-called “4K” gaming — the next step up in graphical fidelity after HD — as well as 4K Blu-ray discs. It’s got “six teraflops” of processing power, which means it’s far more powerful than the current models of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — even the new, more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro. It also takes advantage of HDR lighting, which makes visuals “pop”; colors are more vibrant and shadows are more detailed. You’ll need a 4K TV with HDR support to take full advantage of all that power.

The console is being touted as the most powerful game console ever made, and Microsoft says it’s also the smallest Xbox ever made.

xbox one x 6

Rather than launching the Xbox One X as a successor to the original Xbox One, the Xbox One X joins the slimmer iteration of the original Xbox One (known as the Xbox One “S” — are you confused yet?) seen above.

Though games and movies will look better than ever on the Xbox One X, Microsoft has a mandate that any games on the Xbox One X must be playable on all other Xbox One consoles as well. This is part of Microsoft’s ongoing push toward a unified gaming ecosystem across various Windows 10-powered devices; like millions of PCs around the world, the Xbox One and the Xbox One X are powered by Windows 10.

Forza Motorsport 7

Regardless of the “limited edition” console, there’s something else that’s important to remember here: When the console arrives this November, it’s likely to be in short supply. 

Rather than fighting holiday crowds at your local retailer, you can pre-order the console starting today at all the usual places: Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and more. 

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From GeekWire: Solar eclipse traffic and weather: Oregon feels the calm before totality

24 hours before totality
MADRAS, Ore. – Traffic to Oregon’s total eclipse zone has been surprisingly light over the past couple of days, but officials say they’re not out of the woods yet. The traffic flow to Salem and Corvallis on the west side of the Cascades, and to Madras and points eastward on the dry side of the mountains, has been “very manageable,” Lou Torres, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, told GeekWire today. “We do anticipate that it’ll pick up later this afternoon, and into tonight and Monday morning,” he said. After Torres spoke, Oregon DOT and the Oregon State… Read More

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From TechCrunch: Taxes in the gig economy

 The first generation of gig economy contractors is essentially riding shotgun as an entirely new industry defines itself. While they enjoy flexibility and a convenient way to supplement a primary income, they also must act as guinea pigs uncovering the shortcomings of the industry’s support network. One issue in particular has become a clear gap for gig economy workers: taxes. Read More

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From BGR: Watch what happens when a Tesla owner gets his 97 year old Grandfather into a Model S

When it comes to video reviews of Tesla’s Model S and Model X, there are certainly no shortage of them one can find on YouTube. And while most are rather informative, even entertaining at times, a lot of them end up blending together after a while. That said, a new viral video making the rounds shows us what happens when a Tesla owner shows off the futuristic Model S to his 97-year old grandfather. The video is altogether charming and serves to remind us just how easy it is for those who follow tech closely to take impressive technological advancements for granted.

Filmed by Zev Gitalis, the video begins with Gitalis’ grandfather asking about taking the car on long trips, which prompts Gitalis to tell his grandfather about Tesla’s network of Supercharging stations. Once the pair get into the car, Gitalis shows his grandfather the Model S’ 17-inch digital dash and they get moving.

“Before we go any further,” the grandfather says early on, “it doesn’t make any noise. It’s impressive.”

Shortly thereafter, Gitalis showed off the car’s instant acceleration, which seemed to truly delight his grandfather.

“Oh boy,” he exclaimed gleefully, “you gotta have a parachute to drive this car!”

The entire video is really great and can be viewed below.

Since going live about a week ago, the video has garnered nearly three-quarters of a million views. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise us if we saw Elon Musk link to the video via Twitter in the coming days.

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