From: Blog – Hackaday - Body Cardio Weighing Scale Teardown

If you weigh yourself by standing on a bathroom scale, not liking the result, then balancing towards one corner to knock a few pounds off the dial, you are stuck in a previous century. Modern bathroom scales have not only moved from the mechanical to the electronic, they also gather body composition measurements and pack significant computing power.

Yet they’re a piece of domestic electronics that sits in our bathroom and rarely comes under scrutiny. How do they work, and what do they contain? The team at November Five tore down a top-of-the-range Withings Body Cardio scale to find out. …read more

From: CSO Online - Russia claims it foiled a cyber attack from a foreign spy service

The Russian government claims to have foiled a “large-scale” cyber attack from foreign intelligence services meant to destabilize the country’s financial system.

The government’s Federal Security Service made the statement on Friday without blaming a specific country, but said the attack was meant to be carried out on Dec. 5 against a number of major Russian banks.

The hack would have also included the use of social media and SMS text messages to circulate posts claiming a crisis in Russia’s financial system. Several dozen cities in the country had been targeted, the Federal Security Service claimed, stating it had already neutralized the threat.

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From: Digital Trends - Samsung’s Galaxy J1 Mini Prime is for those with a tight leash on their wallets

If you are on an extremely tight budget, or are looking for someone’s first smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy J1 Mini Prime might be worth a look. The phone is currently available for around $90.

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