HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ getting a dose of humor for Season 3 from former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Dick Costolo
It’s pretty common knowledge that HBO’s Silicon Valley picks the brains of those in the tech world to fuel storylines for its extremely funny parody of what it’s like to navigate startup land. For Season 3, the show landed a biggie — Twitter’s former CEO Dick Costolo. Costolo, who has a background in standup comedy, is spending at least a “couple days a week” in the writers’ room, according to the show’s creator Mike Judge in this BloombergBusiness interview. When the interviewers ask Judge if Costolo is “bringing it,” without hesitating, Judge fires back, “He sure is.” Judge says that… Read More

The Sims remade in the style of Pokémon is wonderful and sad

The Sims remade in the style of Pokémon is wonderful and sad

Sometimes you come across a video game mashup so perfect it makes you question why anyone let Mario and Sonic compete in the Olympic Games. Pokémon Sims is an example of a game we’d like to play – the chocolate and peanut butter of video games.

It comes from the brain of YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer (thanks Kotaku) and mixes the graphic style of the older Pokémon games with the gameplay of The Sims.

It’s a little difficult to describe, so watch the video below for yourself before you decide that – yes, like us, this is a game you would very much like to play (Spoiler: Red dies a fiery death and Pikachu cries at his graveside and it’s really sad). But please, nobody tell Gamefreak.

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