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From VentureBeat: Integrating AI-powered security in a home with kids

GUEST: The latest AI-powered home security technology is smarter than ever before, but can you really trust a robot with your family’s security? Privacy is the main concern for most people, so doing your homework on a home security system before you trust it to protect your kids is essential. Luckily, the best AI home security […]

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From Tech Insider: A Stanford researcher is pioneering a dramatic shift in how we treat depression — and Google Brain’s cofounder has joined the effort

Several tech startups have entered the mental health space in recent years, but few have made a real impact.
Woebot is an artificially intelligent chatbot designed by Stanford researchers. It uses one of the most heavily researched clinical approache…

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From BGR: Sockbot Android malware discovered in eight popular apps on Google Play

If you still aren’t being cautious about which apps you choose to download on your Android phone or tablet, perhaps this latest report will convince you to start taking the warnings seriously. This month, Symantec discovered a new type of Android malware called Sockbot which poses as legitimate apps on Google Play and then adds the devices of users who downloaded the app to a botnet, allowing attackers to create fake ad traffic.

Symantic claims that at least eight Sockbot apps have been identified, each of which has been downloaded between 600,000 and 2.6 million times. The stated purpose of the apps is to modify the skins of characters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but behind the scenes, the malware is generating illicit ad revenue.

As Symantec explains on its blog, the Sockbot malware connects to a command and control (C&C) server, opens a socket using the SOCKS proxy mechanism and connects to a specified IP address. Once the connection has been made, a command to connect to a server is issued. Then the app receives a list of ads and the ad fraud begins.

While this is a relatively innocuous use case, Symantec notes that the malware “could easily be extended to take advantage of a number of network-based vulnerabilities, and could potentially span security boundaries.” In other words, attackers could potentially use Sockbot to carry out DDoS attacks going forward.

The good news is that Symantec notified Google of the eight apps on October 6th, at which point the company quickly removed them from the Google Play store. But keep in mind that millions of Android users downloaded these seemingly innocent apps before they were found to be infected. You can never be too careful.

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From Tech Insider: Here’s why people on Twitter think Melania Trump was replaced by a body double — and why they’re wrong

A crazy new conspiracy theory about the First Lady has recently gotten the attention of the Internet. Some Facebook and Twitter users seem to think that Melania Trump has been replaced by a body double after a recent TV appearance. The images have spar…

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From Engadget RSS Feed: Volkswagon is building an electric supercar to tackle Pike’s Peak

Last month, Volkswagen laid out a roadmap for its EV rollout, promising 300 zero-emissions vehicles by 2030. While it’s certainly good PR to move the company beyond its lingering diesel scandal, it also follows other automakers that recently committe…

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From GeekWire: Blue Origin space venture fires up BE-4 rocket engine, marking a win for Jeff Bezos

BE-4 engine test
Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture says it has successfully test-fired its BE-4 rocket engine, marking a key step in the development of its own New Glenn rocket as well as United Launch Alliance’s next-generation rocket. Billions of dollars are at stake in the BE-4 project, United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno told GeekWire last year. ULA has been waiting for months to get good news about the BE-4 tests in West Texas. The company wanted to see a successful full-scale test before going ahead with plans to use the BE-4 engine on its Vulcan rocket, which is… Read More

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From Digital Trends: Here are all the places that support Apple Pay

Apple Pay is growing rapidly, so we’ve built a list of all the vendors, retailers, and companies worldwide that plan to support Apple’s burgeoning mobile payment platform, or already do.
The post Here are all the places that support Apple Pay appeared …

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