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From The Next Web: Microsoft opens Xbox One X pre-orders with limited ‘Project Scorpio Edition’

If you’ve been waiting to pre-order an Xbox One X, now’s your chance. Microsoft has opened up pre-orders for its new flagship console, starting at $499. What’s more, the earliest adopters will receive a limited “Project Scorpio Editionâ€� as well. For those not keeping up, when Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio would officially be called the Xbox One X, many gamers were disappointed at the name choice. It’s phonetically too similar to Xbox One S, and the codename just sounded cooler. Now the company is appeasing these gamers with the Project Scorpio Edition. The differences are only cosmetic: ‘Project Scorpio’ is…

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From GeekWire: Solar eclipse traffic and weather: Oregon feels the calm before totality

24 hours before totality
MADRAS, Ore. – Traffic to Oregon’s total eclipse zone has been surprisingly light over the past couple of days, but officials say they’re not out of the woods yet. The traffic flow to Salem and Corvallis on the west side of the Cascades, and to Madras and points eastward on the dry side of the mountains, has been “very manageable,” Lou Torres, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, told GeekWire today. “We do anticipate that it’ll pick up later this afternoon, and into tonight and Monday morning,” he said. After Torres spoke, Oregon DOT and the Oregon State… Read More

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From BGR: Watch what happens when a Tesla owner gets his 97 year old Grandfather into a Model S

When it comes to video reviews of Tesla’s Model S and Model X, there are certainly no shortage of them one can find on YouTube. And while most are rather informative, even entertaining at times, a lot of them end up blending together after a while. That said, a new viral video making the rounds shows us what happens when a Tesla owner shows off the futuristic Model S to his 97-year old grandfather. The video is altogether charming and serves to remind us just how easy it is for those who follow tech closely to take impressive technological advancements for granted.

Filmed by Zev Gitalis, the video begins with Gitalis’ grandfather asking about taking the car on long trips, which prompts Gitalis to tell his grandfather about Tesla’s network of Supercharging stations. Once the pair get into the car, Gitalis shows his grandfather the Model S’ 17-inch digital dash and they get moving.

“Before we go any further,” the grandfather says early on, “it doesn’t make any noise. It’s impressive.”

Shortly thereafter, Gitalis showed off the car’s instant acceleration, which seemed to truly delight his grandfather.

“Oh boy,” he exclaimed gleefully, “you gotta have a parachute to drive this car!”

The entire video is really great and can be viewed below.

Since going live about a week ago, the video has garnered nearly three-quarters of a million views. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise us if we saw Elon Musk link to the video via Twitter in the coming days.

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From Tech Insider: Former GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt reportedly tops the list to replace Travis Kalanick as Uber’s CEO

FILE PHOTO: General Electric Co Chief Executive Jeff Immelt speaks at a news conference in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. on April 4, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo

Jeffrey Immelt, the former CEO of GE, is now the top candidate to become the new CEO of Uber, Recode reported on Saturday, citing “numerous” unnamed sources.

A majority of the board of the app-based taxi company is leaning toward Immelt, but two other candidates are still in the running, Recode reported. The board expects to vote on a new CEO within the next two weeks, according to the online news outlet.

“We know it is never going to be a perfect choice, but everyone is becoming exhausted,” an unnamed source told Recode, adding, “We need someone with the skills to move us along.”

Uber has effectively been headless since Kalanick resigned in June. In addition to Kalanick, the company has lost multiple executives this year and has numerous holes in its executive team, including for chief financial and operating officers.

The company has experienced a string of controversies and scandals since the beginning of the year. But the most crucial was triggered by an investigation into sexual harassment at the company and Uber’s overall workplace culture that was spurred by allegations from a former female engineer. In the wake of that investigation, which found evidence of numerous incidents of harassment, Uber fired more than 20 employees, and a group of Uber investors forced Kalanick to resign.

Uber’s CEO search has since become the source of yet another series of controversies. Benchmark Capital, an early investor in the taxi company, has sued Kalanick, charging that he has impeded the search for a new CEO and is scheming to get himself reappointed to the position. Other Uber investors have been harshly critical of Benchmark for its suit, and Kalanick is trying to get the case dismissed and sent to arbitration.

travis kalanickImmelt resigned his position as CEO of GE on August 1. He remains the conglomerate’s chairman.

Investors and employees criticized Immelt’s tenure as the company’s CEO; GE’s stock was trading at a lower level when he stepped down than it was when he took over in 2001.

And he may have another knock on him: He’s not a woman. In the wake of the sexual harassment complaints, many inside and outside Uber have been urging the company to appoint a woman to its top role.

However, that may not be too much of a hindrance for Immelt. According to Recode and The Washington Post, none of the three remaining candidates for Uber’s CEO position is female.

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From GeekWire: NASA science aircraft using Seattle as base during mission to capture first video of eclipse

NASA science aircraft
The Museum of Flight in Seattle is no stranger to unique aircraft, and Monday’s total solar eclipse is attracting a special plane from NASA which will offer the first glimpse of the rare event off the coast of Oregon as it collects data. NASA’s Gulfstream III science aircraft arrived on Sunday from the Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It will be using the museum as a base for two days as it flies out of Boeing Field to conduct an airborne science mission over Oregon and capture the first video images of the eclipse. Have… Read More

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