Microsoft steering Windows 10 users away from non-Microsoft browsers

Microsoft is aggressively pushing its new web browser, Edge, to Windows 10 users when they attempt to search for other browsers – like Firefox or Chrome – using Microsoft’s own browser.

The tactic was first spotted by VentureBeat and also picked up by MarketingLand, which ran several searches in Bing on Windows 10 to show the various ways that Microsoft is pushing Edge.

Right now, when Windows 10 users try to search for and download Google Chrome or Firefox from Microsoft’s Edge browser, a dark bar appears at the top of the search results page saying that Microsoft recommends they use Edge, with a ‘Learn Why‘ button. Learn Why simply leads to a marketing page for the Edge browser. (This experience was only reported in the U.S., by the…

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Twitter adds ‘who to follow’ recommendations to timeline on Android and iOS

Twitter’s main timeline is getting a bit more cluttered on smartphones. Today the company added a “Who to follow” feature on iOS that links to other users Twitter thinks you’d be interesting in keeping up with. Obviously Twitter has always tried to surface accounts it thinks are a good match for your own 140-character missives, but now it’s right in the central timeline.

Combined with the “While you were away” function that aggregates popular tweets since you last opened the app, you might have to do a bit more swiping to get to your live, updating timeline. The “Who to follow” section stays inline as you scroll, so it’s not too obnoxious. Twitter notes that if it by chance recommends you follow someone who’s dead, you should probably…

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Netflix’s Lemony Snicket TV series lands True Blood showrunner, Addams Family director

Netflix has turned to vets for its Lemony Snicket TV series. Barry Sonnenfeld, whose director’s credits include The Addams Family and Men in Black, will direct, while True Blood’s Mark Hudis will be the showrunner.

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Bieber’s single What Do You Mean? breaks Spotify record in debut week

Justin Bieber’s new single What Do You Mean? has overtaken One Direction’s Drag Me Down to become the most streamed Spotify track in its debut week. Ahead of the pop star’s new November 13 record, the 21-year old’s track racked up 21 million streams in just five days.

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GeekWire Radio: Former Xbox chief Robbie Bach on lessons learned from Microsoft’s console business

Can strategic lessons from Microsoft’s Xbox business provide a framework for the revival of the country? Our guest on the GeekWire radio show this week is Robbie Bach, the former Microsoft President and Chief Xbox Officer and the author of the new book, “Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal.” We discuss the core principles outlined in the book, revisit some of the tough lessons learned during the development of the Xbox and Xbox 360, and talk about the current state of Microsoft and the console industry, among many other topics. That conversation begins in the second segment below, at 9:30 in the audio player… Read More